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Put the FUN in Fundraising!

Need an easy fundraiser for your school or organization this holiday season? ThinkFun to the rescue!

ThinkFundraisers feature 10 of ThinkFun’s best games for a range of ages, and running one couldn’t be easier!  Simply distribute order forms, collect, and submit a compiled order.  We ship the games, you distribute to happy families, and your group earns 40% of sales!

Fundraiser Kit spill HiRes plain boxdfb423 Put the FUN in Fundraising!

Want families to try before they buy?  The ThinkFundraiser Kit pictured here ($65) contains all 10 games to display with how-to-play tent cards.

For more program details and printable materials, visit

Ready to start selling!?

Contact ThinkFun Customer Service at (703) 549-4999 or email support@thinkfun.com.  Include the name of your school/organization and use FUNDRAISER as the subject.  We’ll send the Master Order Form and help you order a Kit if you need one.

Note: ThinkFundraisers are currently only available in the US

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