Giant River Crossing Used in Military Training

Wow! This fantastic email shares ways our River Crossing game is helping young cadets in the UK improve team communication and build leadership skills – I can’t wait to see photos!

I am the School Staff Instructor (ex Regular Soldier) of the St. Bees School Combined Cadet Force.  This is a School Cadet Youth movement sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defense in which Cadets from ages 13 to 18 can experience military activities from the Tri-Services; Navy, Royal Air Force and Army.  Cadets are issued the same equipment and uniform as the UK Regular Forces and we have an armoury within the School which holds 30 Army assault weapons for training purposes and live firing on Army ranges,


I digress, this game was purchased by one of our American students and has been converted to a full scale version for Cadets to practice and improve team building and leadership skills by working as a team to solve several of the puzzles.  The puzzles are given to the Cadets with a military scenario (possibly with a rescue mission – swapping the dog for a piece of eqpt or ‘civilian’ but in practical Terms it is no different than the game version.


Our Contingent runs a Military Skills competition each year for twenty teams of 6 cadets from around our Brigade.  The Perilous Planks Command Task features each year as one of the ‘stands’ that are used to test the Cadet Teams marking them on Leadership, Team Work, Communication, and whether they can complete the several crossings in the time allocated.


The game has also proved as an effective ‘last minute’ backup quick option when we require to operatee a background activity to a main event.  Our full scale version works on one metre spaces between the posts and in our case the planks are real. Our Senior Cadets use the game initially to decide which crossings to use for the Full scale version.


So there you are, the version is being used to its fullest extent and maybe not quite in the way you might have considered.


With best regards,


S. R. Warrant Officer One (WO1)

St. Bees CCF

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