Only the strong survive in the cut-throat world of… Toys?!

Check out this trailer from the new film Toyland!

Toyland sheds light into the high stakes world of the 22 billion dollar toy industry, where fun and fortune await those who know how to get inside the mind of a child! Director Ken Sons introduces the inventors behind the biggest toys and games in history while following the ups and downs of game designer, Tim Walsh. From prototype to pitch, follow Walsh along his winding road to New York City’s Toy Fair— will his toy light up the imagination of kids everywhere… or never see the light of day? Toyland makes its World Premier at the Sarasota Film Festival, April 11, 2010.

This clip showcases  some of the most beloved, best-known toys that you’re sure to recognize from your own childhood– I can clearly remember my “Slinky graveyard,” an entire box FULL of tangled metal springs I couldn’t bring myself to part with!

What was YOUR favorite toy as a child?

5 thoughts on “Only the strong survive in the cut-throat world of… Toys?!

  1. Charlotte Post author

    Love it! And just for the record, that was a completely unsolicited endorsement! Full disclosure, Sam is the son of ThinkFun co-founders Andrea and Bill :)

  2. Alana

    I would have to say a tie between my Big Wheel and Barbie anything. (townhouse, camper etc)

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