Fuel your day the ThinkFun way!

Apparently ThinkFun fans love their coffee as much as they love their games!

After I shared this photo on Facebook Monday morning, several folks chimed in right away to let us know they’d also love to start their day with a ThinkFun-fueled smile!  Always happy to support our caffeine-loving fans, I’ve set up a giveaway so you can win your very own mug – click here to enter! (starts midnight 5/14 – 5/16)

ThinkFun Mugs

Monday mornings are a lot perkier since our fun new mugs arrived!

And on a related note, I’ve also started an Instagram account for ThinkFun, featuring more “inside our world” photos from around the office and events we attend. Please follow us at ThinkFunGames!

How do you wake your brain up in the morning? Does your secret weapon come in a mug or another form?!

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