Hot Dogs… ThinkFun-style

Last week, a group of ThinkFunners sat around the lunch table talking about (surprise surprise…) their lunches! A fantastic conversation evolved, with folks sharing special foods they had grown up with and unusual taste combinations each preferred. Talk soon turned to condiments… and then to Hot Dogs!


As people shared their toppings of choice, jaws dropped when Juan and Nic (both from Colombia) described the traditional “perro caliente,” a dog loaded with mayo, potato chips, pineapple salsa, cheese… even quail eggs!

Juan shows off an expertly-made perro caliente!

Juan shows off an expertly-made perro caliente!

A Hot Dog Feast was in order… and this afternoon was nothing short of spectacular! In addition to the accoutrements for Colombian hot dogs, employees shared their condiments of choice from their own traditions.

Leave it to our Design Team to make such lovely – and informative – signage for the feast! We feasted on dogs smothered in beans, sauerkraut, chili, and LOTS of pickles!


For more photos of our delicious lunch, click hereHow do YOU eat a hot dog?!

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