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ThinkFun Says Farewell to a Dear Friend...

For years, visitors to ThinkFun have been greeted by a very friendly, very hairy, orangutan named Clyde.  Perched in ThinkFun’s reception area, Clyde has welcomed (and oftentimes frightened) unsuspecting guests for several years!

Clyde 225x300 ThinkFun Says Farewell to a Dear Friend...

ThinkFun co-founders Andrea Barthello and Bill Ritchie received the following in the mail today:

Clyde the Orangutan

The ThinkFun Chair

1321 Cameron Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

April 19, 2010

Dear Andy and Bill:

It is with deep regret that I inform you of my resignation from ThinkFun, effective immediately.  I have decided to take another direction in my career.

I want to thank you and the entire ThinkFun team for your guidance, friendship and occasional vacuuming.  Sitting in my chair all these years has been quite enlightening – I have seen people come and go; I’ve seen products come and go.  But there is no doubt in my mind – ThinkFun is just top bananas!

In case you are wondering, I am leaving to join Edoardo Kulp’s family (Marketing Manager at ThinkFun) as the children’s caretaker – call me the Orangu-nanny!  So I’ll be close!  If you need anything, like product testing, just call.  After all, testing products runs in my family – my cousin is the Samsonite Luggage tester.

Again, thank you ThinkFun!!

Warmest regards,


Many thanks, Clyde,  for your years of service to ThinkFun, and best wishes in your new adventures!

8 comments to ThinkFun Says Farewell to a Dear Friend…

  • Ellen

    I am so sorry that Clyde is leaving. He never had much to say but he was my first aquaintance at ThinkFun. Last week we played Zingo!To Go together. He will be missed.
    Good luck, Clyde. Enjoy the kids! You will be so good at that.

  • Clyde – you will be missed – remember our journey from ToyFair in New York all the way to Alexandria Va.? I can’t even remember the year but I do know you were a wonderful traveling companion and trusty member of the ThinkFun team. You living at Edoardo’s home with his family will be such a treat for them – please send us pictures and know that you are invited to all holiday parties!


    Andy (aka – Andrea

  • And talk about dedication! To my knowledge Clyde hasn’t taken a bathroom break in at least 3 years, too afraid he’d miss the chance to greet a guest!

  • Dan

    Clyde, let me know if you need help rolling over your 401(k)!

  • Natalie

    Clyde has always managed to surprise me with his presence everytime I visit Thinkfun. I will miss him the next time I stop by. Best wishes at your new home Clyde!

  • Clyde will be missed. I could always depend on him to greet me on my many trips into the VA office. He was such a trickster too! I remember many a time working late at the office when he’d “jump out” and scare me as I rounded the corner right when I thought I was the only one there!
    Ah Clyde, be good to the Kulp family!

  • Rob

    We only met once, but who could forget your magnetic (and hairy) personality. I’m sure I join dozens in wishing you the very best in the next phase of your illustrious career.

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