Play Your Zingo!… and Eat it Too!

If asked what Zingo! tastes like, I’d likely look at you funny and respond, “Plasticy?”

That was until this popped up in my Google Alert for the search term “Zingo!”

“Del Monte’s new Zingo sauce offers a twist on ketchup and the essence of far eastern taste with a sweet and spicy blend of red chillies, red bell pepper, garlic and ginger. With only 36 kcal per serving, real chopped vegetables content, it’s a delicious treat for all.”

Always knew that playing Zingo! was good for a healthy brain, now it sounds like eating this veggie-packed sauce is good for a healthy body, a win-win!

And check out this funny commercial…

Edible Zingo is sold in India, so next time you’re in Mumbai make sure to specify WHICH Zingo! you’re looking for…  and please pick me up a bottle!

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