So What is Brain Lab Anyway?!

Last week’s NCTM show was fantastic!  Despite lower than expected turnout, the group was small but mighty!  We were thrilled to connect with educators from all over the country and share our new online Brain Lab program!

“So what IS this Brain Lab anyway?!”

So glad you asked!  In a nutshell, Brain Lab is an online playground for your brain!  This new, web-based program uses specially targeted Rush Hour challenges to stretch and train three specific types of reasoning abilities:
– Speed Reasoning (rapidly and accurately processing information)
– Working Memory (mentally maintaining and manipulating information)
– Fluid Reasoning (combining cognitive speed and memory skills to solve new problems)

Why these three areas?  In exploring how the brain develops and benefits from challenging, strategic games, we deferred to the experts – in this case the research team at the Bunge Cognitive Control and Development Lab at UC Berkeley.  Dr Bunge and her team, whose initial research showed that students who played Rush Hour and other games showed an increase in performance IQ, described how game play supports reasoning abilities, the highest level being fluid reasoning.  Exercising Memory and Cognitive Speed, Dr. Bunge explained, strengthen the brain’s fluid reasoning ability.

Brain Lab is organized into three areas.  In the Training Room, players build strategies to tackle new challenges and learn the language of problem solving. Players put these skills into play in the Practice Lab and earn points by solving challenges and stretching your reasoning capacities! All this training prepares you for the Weekly Tournament! Compete for a top spot on the Leader Board, an ever-changing score display which encourages players to push themselves to rise to the top!  Throughout your training and competition, the Super Solver characters are there to provide support, push players to stretch themselves to more and more difficult challenges, and celebrate success!

Brain Lab is in BETA test phase now and currently accessible by invitation-only.  To find out how you can participate, either with your class or with your family at home, send me an email!

2 thoughts on “So What is Brain Lab Anyway?!

  1. Julia Fleckenstein

    I found this great programme Brain Lab (rush hour) by surfing around. I would like to introduce my class in this programm (with smartboard, big papers, solving sheet,…) but I can’t find a website, where I can buy or download it.
    Can you tell me, how it is possible to participate with the class in this programme?


    Julia Fleckenstein

  2. Charlotte Post author

    Hi Julia,

    Thank you for your message, and for your interest in our Brain Lab program! We ran a beta test of this program last year in which we learned a great deal, and this is the program I describe in my blog. At this point, the Brain Lab is not currently available for purchase, but with the development of our new website and a returned focus to education programs, we are hoping to revisit this program and hopefully have something new to share with you and your students in the near future!

    Thanks so much for your interest, and please continue to stay connected with ThinkFun via Facebook to be first to learn of our new developments.


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