Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!

Zingo 7700 lores 300x300 Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!One thing we love, love, LOVE here at ThinkFun is hearing real, constructive feedback from players – kids, parents, grandparents, teachers… all thoughts are welcome!  And the thing I love love LOVE about the work I do with our Product Development team is the opportunity to take that feedback and use it to genuinely improve our products!

Recently we did a major revamp of 2 of our best-selling games, Zingo! and What’s GNU?, and customer suggestions were the first place we started!  After extensive testing and loads of revisions (Hello 2-sided tiles!), we released these updated games, and the response has been phenomenal!  Check out the improvements here!

Always eager to read reviews and hear the word on the street, I was thrilled to stumble across this blog that compiles loads of Zingo! feedback from customers… some highlights that made me smile:

  • My husband calls Zingo! “crack for kids.” Fun for the whole family.
  • This kept my twins busy for years and saved many a playdate as everyone has fun!
  • Surprisingly addicting!
  • Delighted grandkids, delighted grandma!
  • I don’t know what it is about Zingo, but it appears to be one of those games that kids just can’t stop playing.
  • Great Inter-generational Bingo Game!! (do I smell a new tagline?!)

For those Zingo! fans out there, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game!  Anything to add to the comments here?

3 thoughts on “Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!

  1. Deanna

    I keep an extra Zingo game in my closet to give as birthday gift. Why? Because I know that everyone loves it. I keep my game in my “go” bag when I substitute teach. It is perfect as a reward time or as something for those kids who finish a little early.

    When I babysit my twin nieces, they LOVE this game! I can’t think of anyone that I have pulled this out and played this with that hasn’t ADORED this game.

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