These MathDice Players are on a ROLL!

Saturday marked the 7th Annual  Math Dice Competition in Arlington, VA!

This incredible event brings together teams of 5th grade math lovers from local elementary schools (21 schools participated this year!) for a high-energy competition!  Players train for months, completing weekly challenges and honing their skills in preparation for the big event… and it shows!

Players compete first in a head-to-head competition, and this year we had 2 undefeated players tie for the title of MathDice Individual Champ!

After the Individual Competition, teams work together on 5 rounds of complex MathDice problems, submitting their scores to a panel of judges.  Team Champions are crowned, and this year’s champs, the Tuckahoe Elementary Matherminds – well done!

Prizes are also awarded for best Team Name and best Team Spirit, judged during the Cheering Portion of the event!  Each team takes center stage, presenting a special chant or song and dance they’ve created! Congrats to this year’s winners… the Glebe Elementary “X Factor” for best team name, and the Taylor Elementary MathMagicians who won the Spirit award (and received the coveted rubber chicken prize!)

The Taylor MathMagicians

The Glebe X Factor

You really haven’t lived until you’ve heard a the MathDice remake of Queen’s “We Are The Champions”

“Nooooo time for looooosing cause we are the champions….. of MathDice!”

To REALLY get a sense of the energy and excitement this event generates, check out this great video ThinkFun CEO Bill Ritchie created documenting this year’s Competition!

Are you a teacher or parent interested in using MathDice to stretch your child’s math skills?  We’ve got fabulous free resources and extension games available for download!

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