My Modeling Debut…

Recognize anyone on ThinkFun’s Knot So Fast packaging?

This photo just surfaced in an old email, and I had to share my 15 minutes of model stardom as it’s likely the closest I’ll ever get!  While my coworker Josh is still trying to decide if ThinkFun really wants him to go blonde, I think we both got a kick out of seeing ourselves cartoon-ified.

If you’ve ever been curious how illustrations on game packaging begin, it may be as simple as two goofballs posing in the office for a quick photo shoot!

Another fun fact about Knot So Fast – did you know that all the knots in this game were vetted by none other than Des Pawson, a world-renowned knot-tying expert?  I’ll follow that up with another question – did you know that there are indeed knot tying experts in the world?!  Pretty cool stuff :)

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