An App a Day Lets a Child’s Brain Play!

This summer has seen the birth of the iPad, and an explosion of fantastic new apps for iPhone and Android platforms.  While these apps helps grownups pass time waiting in line or keep us entertained on our subway commute, many parents and teachers are finding innovative ways to use mobile apps as learning tools!

The Love2learn2day blog on math education recently featured Rush Hour in a series on educational apps which got me thinking more and more about the ways in which apps can capture learner’s enthusiasm and help teach critical thinking skills, whether more general strategic thinking or more focused math/language practice.

A young puzzler in Jamaica plays Rush Hour on the iPad!

The very next day I heard from my friend Marvin Hall in Jamaica – turns out his Puzzle Yuh Brain summer program now has students playing Rush Hour on game boards and on iPads side-by-side, very cool!

Have you used mobile apps as learning tools for your children or students?  What apps have you used, and what learning benefits do you see in them?  Please share your comments here!

4 thoughts on “An App a Day Lets a Child’s Brain Play!

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  2. Charlotte Post author

    Got some great app suggestions via Twitter from @petey1111:
    “Preschool adventures, music, and arcade. Bounce On, Jirbo Match, Touch Maze, Doodle Buddy, Phineas & Ferb – and my son is 4.5″

  3. Abby

    I have a slew of apps that my kids play daily! My 2yo loves monkey lunchbox preschool, peek-a-boo barn, wheels on the bus, and Elias has some great ones too. My kindergartner plays on I Spy spooky mansion, PBS’ Super Why and Word Girl, and Cute Math. My 3rd grader loves playing with US Presidents, 3letter, and Math Drills. They all love card games and puzzle games that are everywhere.

    These are just a few of the apps I have for my kids! They each have a folder full of apps just for them, as well common games I keep out of folder. :)

  4. Charlotte Post author

    Thanks for sharing these great resources… sounds like you’ve found fantastic apps that are actually helping your kids practice real learning skills… but through game play so it doesn’t feel like work! I’m sure other parents will appreciate these new suggestions :)

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