3…2…1… HAPPY NEW (school) YEAR!

From a former teacher to the thousands of you currently savoring the final weeks of summer… I hope you are enjoying the end of a wonderful, relaxing break!

After that final dip in the pool and last drippy ice cream cone, teacher-mode kicks into high gear as you prepare for the kiddos to return.  For teachers, back-to-school prep means rolling up our sleeves to deck out naked classroom walls, label desks, put the photocopier through the workout of its life, and work through loads of other logistics and to-dos.

While it is certainly important to prepare your teaching space for the arrival of a new class of eager learners, these weeks also give teachers an invaluable opportunity to prepare ourselves mentally for the year ahead.

Whether you are a veteran teacher or a classroom newbie, use this time to reconnect with colleagues, reflect on the experiences of the past, and think about applications for literature and new curriculum you’ve explored over the summer… and set your own New School Year resolutions!

I will make sure my students see me laugh every day...

A few ideas to get you started:

  • I will seek out 3 new professional development opportunities.
  • I will start that new committee and take on a leadership role.
  • I will involve my students more in self-evaluation and reflection.
  • I will engage my students in meaningful community service projects.
  • I will use interactive technology to engage my students.
  • I will read aloud to my students every day.
  • I will dwell on my students’ strengths, not on their weaknesses.

What are your resolutions for this year?  Please share by commenting here!

5 thoughts on “3…2…1… HAPPY NEW (school) YEAR!

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  2. Kay

    I will help my students learn to enjoy mathematics, especially thinking and problem-solving! (So, I will have to think of ways to use my Thinkfun resources more often!)

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