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Design for Change

The following is guest post by Sanjli Gidwaney, an inspired individual dedicated to encouraging creativity through systematic curriculum change in developing countries around the world.  Sanjli has recently taken on the role of Country Coordinator to bring the global Design for Change competition to the United States!

DFC 300x56 Design for Change

My name is Sanjli Gidwaney from Design for Change, a worldwide competition that is forming the largest movement of young people creating change around the world. This effort is on part of Kiran Sethi from the Riverside School in India who spoke at TED India last year in hopes of illuminating the impact of young minds on pressing global issues. The contest gives children around the world one challenge: design, create, and implement a project that directly benefits their school or community and tell us about it. The competition essentially provides a platform to support, empower and encourage children to take the reins of global change into their own hands.

While last year the competition ran exclusively in India, this year it has been opened up to schools across the world including: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Taiwan, Ireland and many others. We are currently looking to sign up over 1,000 schools throughout the USA to represent our country’s commitment to social change.

DFC steps1 300x90 Design for Change

The Design for Change simple 4 step process...

As a leader for Design for Change USA, I am honored and excited to partner with ThinkFun on this incredible initiative to transform the lives of millions of Americans with a simple “I CAN” attitude.

ThinkFun embodies the true meaning of learning by making it fun, challenging and enjoyable, a notion that is in line with the Design Change Competition. It is the creative and team building skills learned through games such as Rush Hour and Chocolate Fix, which will enable students throughout the USA to brainstorm, create and execute on their plans to improve their schools and communities! ThinkFun has so graciously sponsored Design for Change by awarding the winning entry with a suite of ThinkFun games and learning tools! What a wonderful way to kick off the competition!

For more information on how to get involved, please visit www.designforchange.us or email us at info@designforchange.us .

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