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Bling Bling... ThinkFun Style!

A few months ago, ThinkFun’s incredibly talented and creative designer Alicia showed up for work sporting a stunning necklace featuring ThinkFun game pieces!

The rest of the ThinkFun ladies were eager to create our own wearable works of art!  Armed with pliers, a power drill, and a big plate of cookies, our trusty team turned Hoppers frogs and Rush Hour cars into beads… and the necklace-party began!

Necklace party 300x224 Bling Bling... ThinkFun Style!

ThinkFun elves, hard at work!

ThinkFun Designer Greg, drill in hand: “Do you know what the worst part of drilling these Hoppers frogs is?”

Necklace-makin’ ladies: “No, what?”

Greg: “The screaming!”

With the fall season upon us, this week was the perfect time to punch up our wardrobes with what is sure to become the hottest new statement piece… watch out Vogue, the ThinkFun necklace is IT!

Necklace 300x225 Bling Bling... ThinkFun Style!

A ThinkFun Original

Can you name ALL the games represented on this necklace?!  Leave your guesses in the comment section below!

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