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Meet Charlotte!

As Maria Montessori once said, “Play is the child’s work.”  In that case, I either never fully grew up or am just about the luckiest grown-up ever, because play continues to be my work every day!

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A former elementary school teacher, I now work at ThinkFun, the company behind Rush Hour and Zingo! When I describe my job, the first question I get is always and without fail, “You mean you’re like Tom Hanks in the movie Big?!”And some days, that’s not so far-fetched icon smile Meet Charlotte!

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As Director of Communications at ThinkFun, central to everything I do is the need to think creatively and problem solve on the fly.  These are skills every child needs to handle the challenges of tomorrow… and this drives the work I do every day.

We have endless opportunities to celebrate our kids’ achievements.  We cheer them on at spelling bees and science fairs, from the sidelines at soccer games and in folding chairs at piano recitals – celebrating the product of much training and hard work.  As important as it is to recognize end results, we need to highlight and honor the thinking processes along the way.

Parents and teachers today have a huge job to do – we must equip kids to tackle 21st century challenges, preparing them for careers that haven’t yet been dreamed up… pretty daunting!  As Daniel Pink so articulately says, “We need to prepare kids for their future, not our past.”

So how the heck do we do it?!  I believe the most valuable thing we can teach children is how to be creative problem solvers… and in my mind there’s no better way to build these 21st century skills than through play!  I launched this SmartPlay blog to connect with like-minded thinkers who believe that learning should be FUN!

I’m thrilled to welcome you into this community!  Feel free to email me, post questions, and suggest new topics.  Have something to share?  Please let me know – I love featuring insights from guest experts.  Let’s get the dialogue rolling and have some fun… we just might learn something along the way!


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