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Meet the Top Dogs at ThinkFun!

The humans here at ThinkFun are thrilled about the release of our newest dog-themed brainteaser Stenzzles, but no one is more excited than the furry stars themselves!  Also available in Tropical and Sports themes, Stenzzles is an innovative new puzzle that challenges players to replicate a colorful image by layering cards in the correct order and orientation.

When looking for the perfect models for the Dog Collection, we decided to go with local talent.  Five of the pups featured in this new game are members of the ThinkFun family, and I’m thrilled to introduce them here!

Louie the Dachshund examines his Stenzzles likeness…

Aren't my legs longer than this?!

 Buster the lovable mutt kicks back with a game of Turnstile

Ramsey the Labrador has been part of the ThinkFun family since his puppy days!  Here he is only weeks old…

Take your pup to work day!

Weighing in at 102 pounds, Cargo the American Bulldog has brains AND brawn!

Solitaire Chess gives me a headache!

Meet Akira the Akita – this is a dog with serious fashion sense!

Akira knows better than to chew on a designer ThinkFun shoe!

Ready for another fun fact?!  Stenzzles was invented by Ron Dubren… also the inventor of Tickle Me Elmo!  In this post you can see Ron with a prototype of the game at Toy Fair in February.

We love seeing photos of YOUR playful pups too! Please email your pictures to info@thinkfun.com and we’ll add them to our online album!

A High School Math Teacher Sharpens Students’ Thinking Skills with Brainteasers!

This story is shared by Mat Reive, a High School Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher in Ontario, Canada.


In my high school math classes, it is common that I start the class off with a brain teaser. This is usually a brain teaser puzzle from either ThinkFun’s Visual Brain Storm set, an Ivan Moscovich or Martin Gardner book, or a brain teaser that I have gotten from the internet. The whole class participates and gets engaged in trying to solve these puzzles. If I ever forget the puzzle at the start of the class, they always remind me.

I have found brain teaser puzzles a great way to have fun, collaborate with each others, discuss problem solving techniques, and make connections to the curriculum. It is common that a student will think of a solution or strategy to a puzzle that I have never considered, and this always intrigues and excites me.

At the end of class, if students have some free time, I encourage them to try to solve some of the harder brain teaser puzzles, like a slider puzzle, Gordian’s Knot, or a disentanglement puzzle. They get right into solving these puzzles. Two things always surprise me when students are working on these puzzles — the problem solving strategies that they come up with on their own and their perseverance and determination to solve the puzzle. It is common that they want to borrow a puzzle from me at the end of class because they really want to finish it.


As a puzzle enthusiast myself, I love bringing this world of logic and hands-on problem solving into my classroom to share with students!

Stop Summer Brain Drain!

School is out, and summer fun is on everyone’s brain!

While a vacation from projects and homework is welcome break, the lazy days of summer can do a lot of damage.  Did you know kids lose an average of 2 months of math skills over the summer!?  Low income students are at far greater risk, falling behind an average 2-3 months in reading skills.

But never fear – ThinkFun is here!

No child looks forward to a summer filled with workbooks and flashcards, so what better way to keep brains engaged than through play!?

Mind challenging puzzles are the perfect way to fight Summer Brain Drain, and through July 31st ThinkFun is offering 25% on all Brainteasers!

These Brainteasers are designed for travel and will keep parents and kids sharp through summer and beyond.  My favorite thing about these puzzles is that they are far from child’s play – Brainteasers are perfect for all ages!  Want proof?  Here I am high-fiving my 87 year old Grandma after we solved Izzi – one of my favorite Brainteasers!

ThinkFun Izzi Puzzle Brainteaser Game