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Singapore Teachers Arrive Home Bearing Gifts!

I had to share part of this fantastic email that made my day yesterday!

One of the amazing teachers from Singapore who was part of last week’s delegation visit to ThinkFun sent me some great photos of her son sorting through the bounty of new games that returned home with his mom!

Dominique writes:

This learning journey of mine has been most memorable – not just in terms of how much we have learned from your expertise in educational toys, but your generosity and kindness are what made the trip most memorable.  I remembered a quote “You may not remember what people have done for you, but you will remember how they made you feel.”

You must visit us in Singapore so we can return your kindness. I would love you to see how excited the whole school is during our MBA (Mass Brain Activities) days!  You certainly have given us insight the clearer direction where our MBA programme should be headed and how we could promote to the ‘next level’.  I know our pupils will benefit from the trip of ours.

If the we were not restricted by the size of the package and our conscience, we would really have grabbed everything off your shelves on the last day!  I have attached pictures of my 5 year old son, Matteo,The first picture showed how excited he was to see the toys.  Like most children, he was attracted by the colours and the items he could identify with. He liked Chocolate Fix design most, followed by River Crossing – but he could play S’Match best.  I refused to let him open the rest, so the night ended with him fuming away!

The next picture shows him playing with the box in which we packed our games – he played in it the longest – we converted to a car and he drew passengers  in them and drove them around.  That’s how easily a child can be satisfied!

I love this message – and the way Dominique’s son shows that you simply can’t engineer play!  Despite the oodles and oodles of shiny new toys surrounding him, what most captured his imagination was the cardboard box in which they arrived… this is great!

We are so looking forward to continuing this wonderful relationship with our new friends in Singapore – they are doing really exciting work that we’re eager to support and learn from!

Building 21st century thinking skills through game play in Singapore!

This week, ThinkFun has had the privilege to host a group of primary school teachers from the Bukit View Primary School in Singapore… these teachers are amazing!

The Singapore delegation poses at a local school - The yellow school buses provided an authentic "American School" backdrop!

Bukit View is a prototype school in Singapore. They are tasked to come up with innovative ways to teach 21st Century Thinking Skills. In response, they have developed an incredible program called MBA (Mass Brain Activities) that uses brain games to help students stretch their thinking and build new skills… that we connected was certainly fate!

The group puzzles over a difficult Rush Hour challenge

Having learned about our games and education initiatives, this group obtained funding to spend a week with us, learning from our experience with past programs, exploring ways to integrate ThinkFun games  to further stretch students’ thinking, and getting new inspiration to continue to develop their program!

Learning to play TipOver

We have spent the week playing games, visiting local schools, and sharing ideas on how to stretch game play to draw out higher level reflective thinking from students –  it has been a whirlwind, and we are very excited about what is to come!

Working out a complex Chocolate Fix challenge

Playing River Crossing

We visited two wonderful local schools to expose teachers to the Strategies Lab classroom model and meet with the inspired teachers behind the program.

At Colvin Run Elementary the group met Barbara Ross, the visionary teacher behind Strategies Lab!

We are so excited to have met this group and to be working closely to help guide their program… using our games to inspire thinkers all over the world is a very big goal, and this connection brings us one step closer!