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Say it with Frosting!

Given my love of all things baked and frosted (check out this amazing Cupcake Game if you’ve not already!), I couldn’t resist a quick Google search to see what the creative bakers out there had done to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day today!

Came across some very cute ideas…

Cupcakes Teacher Appreciation Day 02 300x225 Say it with Frosting!

cupcakes 150x150 Say it with Frosting!

cake 225x300 Say it with Frosting!

And this well-intentioned one that sadly missed the mark grammatically! (A HUGE Thank You to my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Spradlin for drilling the rules of comma and apostrophe usage at a young age!)

Happy teachers Cupcakes 300x225 Say it with Frosting!

To all the teachers out there… Here’s wishing you a SWEET, SWEET Day!