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“World’s Most Embarrassing Dad” Finally Makes Teenage Son Laugh

This clip on the ABC morning news made me laugh out loud.

In the turbulent throes of identify formation, teenagers are petrified of a misstep that could label them uncool, and no one causes humiliation like parents can.  After his son Rain complained that dad waiving to his school bus was “embarrassing,” this creative papa decided to show him the true meaning of the word!  Over the next 170 days, Dale Price greeted Rain’s school bus with a different costume every day, including a giant chicken, Michael Jackson, even the Little Mermaid complete with seashell bra!

Proving that dying from embarrassment is actually impossible, Dale’s son survived the school year and admitted that “In the end, it was just fun.  I was just laughing on the bus the whole way!”

Check out Dale’s Wave At The Bus blog to see 170 days of playful fun – the blog even features a link to donate to Rain’s College/Therapy Fund… well played!

Finally, a long-overdue apology to my own wonderful mom, who I literally wished alien abduction upon one afternoon in high school.  Walking through the center of town, mom stooped to pick up change, unaware a group of teenage boys was on a nearby bench tossing pennies and laughing uproariously as she scrambled to pick them up.

Actually, that still feels pretty humiliating.

Sorry mom, I may need a few more years to work through that one… My heartfelt apologies for all the more minor infractions I held against you in my day though, and thank you for staying out of costume during my teenage years!