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They grow up so fast!

ThinkFun’s unofficial mascot came in for a visit yesterday…

Ramsey TF 768x1024 They grow up so fast!

Ramsey is right at home at ThinkFun HQ


Ramsey spent his puppyhood in ThinkFun offices (the carpets have since been replaced!), and we are so proud of the big, brainy dog he has become!

Ramsey TF Bag web size 224x300 They grow up so fast!

August 2010 - Ramsey the puppy has excellent taste in carrying cases!

Fun fact – Did you know Ramsey was recently immortalized in ThinkFun’s newest dog-themed Stenzzles game!?  This great new layering puzzle features several pups from the ThinkFun family… click here to meet them all!

stenzzles ramsey 300x300 They grow up so fast!

Ramsey in Silhouette

Must Love Dogs (And We Do!)

Last summer, ThinkFun received the following email from an inquisitive – and very perceptive – 4 1/2 year old fan:


My name is Ariela. I am 4 1/2 years old. I was wondering why the dog on the Zingo box cover is sad? I would like the dog to be happy and winning the Zingo game. I think you don’t like dogs.

Sincerely, Ariela

Zingo 7700 BoxShot 235x300 Must Love Dogs (And We Do!)

No one likes to lose, and this pup seems to be taking it extra hard!

We were alarmed to think that our fans (both human and fur-covered) may find our illustration upsetting, because in truth no one loves playful pets as much as we do!

Stenz 4801 LoResSpill Stand 300x300 Must Love Dogs (And We Do!)

In fact, we just released our newest dog-themed Stenzzles brainteaser!  Last week, I introduced the canine models who inspired the game in this post and created a fun album featuring all different doggies with their favorite ThinkFun games!  Here are a few of the stars:

Cargo this one gives me a headache 300x225 Must Love Dogs (And We Do!)

Solitaire Chess gives Cargo a headache!

Louie Stenzzles 300x199 Must Love Dogs (And We Do!)

Aren't my legs longer than this?!

And finally, to clear up any lingering doubt, we hope Ariella and our other young fans check out the Zingo! 1-2-3 packaging, featuring the same game-loving pooch with a much happier expression!

Zingo123 7703 Boxshot 242x300 Must Love Dogs (And We Do!)

A tail-wagging good time!

I would love to see YOUR furry friends playing their favorite games (of the ThinkFun or tennis ball/stick variety!).  Please send your photos to info@thinkfun.com, and I’ll add to our collection!