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The Case for Play

Came across a fantastic article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that I just had to share.  This piece details the challenges that educators, researchers, and parents face today as free play is squeezed out of kids’ academic lives, marginalized by test-driven curricula, and pushed aside in favor of over-scheduled “downtime” by well-meaning adults seeking [...]

The Importance of Play in the Homeschool Curriculum

Knutson son

The following guest post is by Angie Knutson, whose My Four Monkeys blog reviews products through her unique lens as both mom and homeschool educator.  Angie believes in the power of learning through play and has integrated games into her teaching!  Check out her post on using What’s GNU to build language skills!  Here she [...]

What I Learned in Free Play...

This web article was published by Teacher Magazine.  Here, a veteran Kindergarten teacher reminds us of the vital importance of play and the learning benefits kids miss out on when free play is squeezed out. Love the interviews with former students sharing what they learned during kindergarten choice time!

Teaching Secrets: Let Them Play

By [...]