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Games with Grandma – The Power of Intergenerational Play!

I’ve been a game lover my whole life – and there’s no question where I get it from!

As a very young child, visits with Grandma meant endless games of animal dominoes, then Chutes and Ladders, progressing to Rack-O, Boggle, and finally to her favorite – Scrabble!  Once I was Scrabble-ready, I moved into a new world of game play with Grandma.  For years, she and a group of friends had been holding weekly Scrabble club meetings – she always had a copy of the game in the trunk, and the ladies had banded together to purchase the official Scrabble Dictionary to serve as definitive dispute-settler at the table!

When I graduated to Scrabble, any chance of Grandma easing up and letting me win disappeared.  Playing with my Grandma elevated my play to a new level, teaching me to use strategy and words like “Qat” and “Xi” which I have yet to use in a sentence but still rely on to rack up the big points!

On a recent visit, I introduced Grandma to the wonders of my iPhone.  After running through the features for quite some time, she held it thoughtfully and asked, “So is this what they call a Google?”  Despite the tech-divide, when I pulled up Words With Friends and showed her two games that were awaiting my move, Grandma’s  Scrabble prowess kicked into high gear, and she immediately played two 50+ point words!

Go Grandma Go!

This Sunday is National Grandparent’s Day – first declared a holiday in 1978 by Jimmy Carter, this day encourages us all to reflect on the impact grandparents have on our lives — and on society.  It’s no stretch to see how my Grandma’s game-loving nature made me the thinker I am today.  In my work at ThinkFun, my Grandma continues to support the gamer in me, eagerly playing our new games and helping to test prototypes!

Mom and Grandma test a prototype game for ThinkFun!

And as my husband learned last winter, Grandma takes *all* games quite seriously, not just board games :)

Grandma takes no prisoners at shuffleboard!

Play is a powerful tool to bring families together, and the Toy Industry Association recently shared a wonderful feature on the benefits of intergenerational play with lots of great recommendations!  For more tips, check out their free downloadable guide, Play is Forever – A Playbook for All Ages.

Did you grow up playing games with your grandparents?  Which games were your favorites?!