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“Hoppy” Passover!

Passover 2010 014 Hoppy Passover!

Putting the “Play” in Plagues…

Yesterday marked the first night of Passover, a Jewish holiday that tells the story of freedom from enslavement by the Egyptians. To celebrate, families host a meal called a Seder, from the Hebrew word “order,” and the sharing of the Passover story and blessings follows a specific sequence. During a Seder, we eat symbolic foods like horseradish (to remind of the bitterness of slavery), eggs (to represent sacrifice and life), and the traditional matzah bread.

Passover 2010 010 Hoppy Passover!

Passover 2010 008 225x300 Hoppy Passover!

Passover 2010 011 225x300 Hoppy Passover!

As a child (and still now!) my favorite part of the Seder was the recounting of the 10 Plagues.  According to the Old Testament, when Pharaoh denied the Jews their freedom, God sent 10 plagues to change his mind. Growing up, The Plagues was always the highlight of our meal thanks to my mom’s creative table decor, which featured plastic “guests of honor,” each representing a different plague.  From wild beasts roaming among the dinner plates to creepy crawly rubber locusts, the plagues got more and more elaborate each year, and my favorite has always been #2… the frogs!

Passover 2010 028 150x150 Hoppy Passover!

This year I hosted my very first Seder and, while it was no match for my mom’s impressive spread, I’m pleased to say the frogs from ThinkFun’s Hoppers Junior game were fabulous dinner guests and a big hit!

Passover 2010 025 300x225 Hoppy Passover!

When a froggie thumb wresting match breaks out, it’s time to end the Seder!

What quirky traditions does your family have around certain holidays? Please share!