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ThinkFun Mind Games Sharpen Math Skills in Istanbul Schools

We recently received the following message from our Turkish distributor about a pilot program using ThinkFun games in classrooms – along with a fantastic newspaper article:


We are very happy and would like to share good news proudly with you. Since the beginning of our partnership as we have always told you our vision is to present high quality and educational games that can be played enthusiastically by both children and adults everywhere in Turkey.

We believe that these useful fun games develop children academically and socially. In this way we hope to change the way people see the games in Turkey. Therefore, we have always focused on the good hands on presentations and informed people of the skills that these games improve. We have been holding workshops on how to use these games to improve children’s thinking and problem solving skills. After many years of effort we achieved to attract the attention of a lot of children, parents and teachers.

Now one of the enthusiastic teachers has set off a pilot Project on using mind improving games in classrooms and this is figured in press:) As a team we have put a lot of time and energy while building the base of this Project. Since it covers the grades from 1 to 8 we have graded and grouped the games to have a harmonious flow throughout the grades. This Project appeared on the cover page of the newspaper called “Dünya International Herald Tribune” on March 19th.  We are sure that this Project will be the engine of other similar Projects.

The ThinkFun games that are being used are: Block By Block, Chocolate Fix, Hoppers, Math Dice, Math Dice Jr, River Crossing, Rush Hour Deluxe, Rush Hour Junior, Shape By Shape, S’Match, Solitaire Chess, Swish, Tipover, and Zingo 1,2,3


ThinkFun Games at the Indonesian International Mathematics Competition

Recently we received a message from Mr. Sun, ThinkFun‘s  partner in Taiwan who runs educational programs for schools and organizations featuring problem-solving games and puzzles.

Mr. Sun is the chairman of the Executive Board for the Indonesia International Mathematics Competition.  During this year’s competition in Bali, he created a Puzzles Challenge section to integrate ThinkFun games into the event.  I love these photos of problem solving in action!

Obama’s Elementary School in Indonesia Uses ThinkFun to Develop Creativity

This recent report from Fransiskus Asisi Elementary School in Jakarta, Indonesia (where President Obama spent 3 years as a student!) shares the school’s Math Club initiative, using brain games like ThinkFun’s Rush Hour to encourage creative thinking and problem solving among students!

Math Club (Creative Laboratory)
Fransiskus Asisi Elementary School, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fransiskus Asisi Menteng Dalam Elementary School (Asisi), has become famous lately.  Besides having good achievement, Asisi was one of Barack Obama’s elementary schools where the US president studied for 3 years.

Asisi has been building and preparing their program to be the best.  Since more global competition has come, the school realizes that it is very important to produce creative students ready to compete.  For that reason, Asisi has been  renewing their method to make students more creative, and a varied program is important so that it will not make students bored.  This creative method will make them enjoy their lessons and develop to be creative people.

Ms. Natalia Chandra Triwinaris is a math teacher and realizes that children nowadays are different from children 50 years ago.  In this era, children are dynamic, so schools need to improve their method to educate them.  Because of this, Asisi created the Math Club for grade 1 to 6.  Ms. Natalia said that most students at Asisi Elementary School don’t like math and think math is difficult.

Students play Rush Hour in Math Club

Math Club is aimed to train students to practice math.  Math club has its own method to teach students not only learn from books, but also from toys.  The toys in this club are creative toys aimed to practice logic and creativity.  Ms. Natalia said these creative toys help students to think systematically which connects to solving math problems.  Besides that, these creative toys are aimed to increase concentration, imagination, patience, self confidence, and much more.  The toys used in this club are Rush Hour, Shape by Shape, Brick by Brick and Logix.  Rush Hour is aimed to increase the skill of systematic thinking and logic.  Shape by Shape is aimed to teach patterns, Brick by Brick is aimed to increase spatial thinking, and Logix is aimed to increase logic and judgement skill.

Asisi has also made a competition from these creative toys.  With this competition, teachers and parents expect students to become more creative and ready to compete in this changing world.  Now, creative toys are used by Asisi to explore creativity – not only for students but also for teachers and parents!