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Rush Hour revs up thinking skills in Indonesia!

We love seeing our games inspiring thinkers all over the globe… these photos from our distributor in Indonesia show Rush Hour in schools, stores, and in the hands of teachers!


Check out this Rush Hour competition! Pretty sweet trophies huh!?




ThinkFun Mind Games Sharpen Math Skills in Istanbul Schools

We recently received the following message from our Turkish distributor about a pilot program using ThinkFun games in classrooms – along with a fantastic newspaper article:

We are very happy and would like to share good news proudly with you. Since the beginning of our partnership as we have always [...]

ThinkFun Games at the Indonesian International Mathematics Competition

Recently we received a message from Mr. Sun, ThinkFun‘s  partner in Taiwan who runs educational programs for schools and organizations featuring problem-solving games and puzzles.

Mr. Sun is the chairman of the Executive Board for the Indonesia International Mathematics Competition.  During this year’s competition in Bali, he created a Puzzles Challenge section to integrate ThinkFun games [...]

Obama's Elementary School in Indonesia Uses ThinkFun to Develop Creativity

This recent report from Fransiskus Asisi Elementary School in Jakarta, Indonesia (where President Obama spent 3 years as a student!) shares the school’s Math Club initiative, using brain games like ThinkFun’s Rush Hour to encourage creative thinking and problem solving among students!

Math Club (Creative Laboratory)
Fransiskus Asisi Elementary School, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fransiskus Asisi Menteng Dalam Elementary [...]