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Swish Inventor challenges students at an Israeli summer camp!

Last year, I introduced the amazing inventors of Swish in this post.  Zvi and Gali both continue to teach in Israel, and Gali Shimoni recently shared this fantastic story of their experience using Swish at a local summer camp!

I have a very good friend that every summer runs 2 camps for excellent students (each camp is [...]

An Israeli school where children learn by playing games!

By Esti Ahronovitz
Published December 10, 2010 in Haaretz

A lesson in the hallway at the Ein Hayam School.

In the middle of the tour of Ein Hayam Experimental School in Haifa, I considered interrupting the explanations of principal Baruch Yaakobi to ask whether he had injected Ritalin into the children’s mid-morning [...]