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Logic Games liven up a High School math classroom!

Our Customer Service Mailbag (sounds more important than email account!) got a serious gem recently! The letter below comes from a teacher who has amazing things to say about using ThinkFun games in the classroom… 

To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to express my satisfaction with your company. I [...]

A Peek Inside the ThinkFun Mailbag...

This letter I received yesterday made me smile!  A young Rush Hour fan lucked out when an enterprising brother decided to sell his copy of the game, and I love that he took the time to share his story!

Thinkfun Mailbag - A novel idea from 4-year old Rush Hour fan

Not only does ThinkFun have the best fans… we also get the best mail!

This letter came to us from 4 year old Sadie in California.  Sadie loves playing Rush Hour and would very much like to play at preschool while her friends are napping, the only problem is that the game is a bit too [...]