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Celebration of Mind

October 21, 2010 marked the first annual Celebration of Mind, an event honoring Martin Gardner on the occasion of what would have been his 96th birthday.  There were 66 events held on five continents around the world!

Here in Washington, our event took place at the Mathematical Association of America headquarters near [...]

A Celebration of Mind - Honoring the Life of Martin Gardner

Acclaimed mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner, who introduced readers to the joys of recreational mathematics, passed away earlier this year.  Gardner was not only a hero to the mathematics and puzzle community, he was also a dear friend to ThinkFun CEO Bill Ritchie and Head of Inventor Relations, Tanya Thompson.  Tomorrow, October [...]

What a Great Gathering!

This past weekend I made my bi-annual trek to the Gathering for Gardner, a four day celebration of recreational intellectualism held in honor of Martin Gardner, who was for many years the Mathematical Games columnist for Scientific American.  Martin is a hero to generations of mathematicians, magicians, metagrobologists (puzzle lovers), skeptics, Lewis Carroll and L. [...]