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What a desk full of rubber chickens means to me...

It’s about that time again…. MathDice Time!

2011 MathDice Trophies have arrived, featuring with the coveted Rubber Chickens!

The trophies have arrived, and Math is in the air!  Each year, ThinkFun works with the 22 elementary schools in Arlington, VA to host a MathDice Tournament, and this year’s May 7th event is fast approaching!  Each school [...]

A Visit from Uganda!

In 2008, ThinkFun donated several sets of MathDice to the Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH), a US-supported primary school in poverty-stricken rural Eastern Uganda.

We received an update and photos last year from an American volunteer teacher, and this spring we were contacted by Elisa Joseph Anders, a local parent who produced From One Village, a [...]

These MathDice Players are on a ROLL!

Saturday marked the 7th Annual  Math Dice Competition in Arlington, VA!

This incredible event brings together teams of 5th grade math lovers from local elementary schools (21 schools participated this year!) for a high-energy competition!  Players train for months, completing weekly challenges and honing their skills in preparation for the big event… and it shows!

Players compete [...]

MathDice in Uganda!

This guest post is by Cynthia Margeson, a retired teacher from Arlington, Virginia, who has been teaching for the past five years at the Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH), a U.S.- supported primary school located in poverty-stricken rural Eastern Uganda. The school, with 325 students from 1st through 7th grades, was founded by [...]

Are you ready for some... MathDice!!!

It’s almost that time… MathDice Tournament time that is!

Every spring, ThinkFun runs the Arlington County MathDice Tournament (now in it’s 7th year!), a fun-filled event in which teams from all 22 elementary schools go head-to-head, with one school emerging victorious!

MathDice is a brilliantly simple game that uses just 5 simple dice to strengthen mental math [...]