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Thank you, Mr. Rogers!

Last week a friend sent the “Garden of Your Mind: Mr. Rogers Remixed” video, and it brought the biggest smile to my face.  Another friend sent it, and I teared up… by the 3rd viewing, I had goosebumps, a giant grin, and was reaching for the Kleenex – a bit of a mess, but 2 things are abundantly clear – I have friends who know me very well, and I love the bejeezus out of Fred Rogers!

This video makes me so happy I had to give it a home on my blog!

Growing up, my parents enacted a strict “no tv” policy – and I mean strict! (No mom, I’m not launching an “I was deprived of pop culture” diatribe, I’ll save that for another post!).  The exception was 30 minutes of PBS a day through kindergarten – half an hour I’d spend inches from our 13″ black & white screen, engrossed in either Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers.  On days I was sick, I’d often score big and get to watch both!

For me, Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood was such a happy place – and I remember my delight each time the train pulled up to take me away to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

I remember Mr. Rogers for his calm, predictable routine – his shoes, his sweaters (which I recently learned were all knitted by his mom!), his fish, his tolerance, his mailman, and most of all his calm kindness.

Hand-made sweater worn by Fred Rogers, in the Smithsonian Museum of American History

Mr. Rogers encouraged children everywhere to ask questions, to explore, and to celebrate their minds.  Fred Rogers believed childhood curiosity should know no bounds – and that message is something I’ve carried with me throughout my career.  So, “Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?!”