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Hello Sunshine Shines in Speech Therapy!

The following post is shared by expert Speech Therapist Sherry Artemenko of Play On Words.  Sherry recently awarded Hello Sunshine! the Play Advances Language (PAL) Award in recognition of its uses as a language learning tool!

“Hello Sunshine,” New PAL Award winner, Shines In Preschool Speech Therapy

Toddlers can be a bit of a challenge in speech [...]

So... How was School Today?

For many parents, this question is often greeted with… (cue crickets)… chirp …chirp… … no response.
So, how can you get your children to open up and talk about school?  Speech-Language Pathologist Sherry Artemenko (who earlier shared a great article on using S’Match as a speech tool!) shares her thoughts in today’s chicago Tribune:

Kids won’t talk [...]