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Rubber chicken playing MathDice

Counting My (Rubber) Chickens

Spring is in the air, which makes it fitting that I opened a package yesterday filled with… Spring Chickens!  More specifically,  a box of springy, squawking,  rubber chickens!

Box O' Chickens!

With the 9th Annual MathDice Tournament upon us, we’re busily gathering games, trophies, challenges… and the arrival of these rubbery feathered friends kicked the anticipation into high gear!  Wondering what rubber chickens could possibly have to do with a celebration of mental math?!  Not the most obvious of connections, so here’s my post from last year’s tournament prep to bring you up to speed!

Rubber chicken playing MathDice

Getting in a few practice rounds before the big day...


After a few trial squeezes around the office, I think I may have bested last year’s chickens with this new batch.  The squawking is louder and more frantically obnoxious than ever – think “chicken-in-a-blender” – sorry in advance to the parents of this year’s Team Spirit winners!


Looking forward to sharing more details and photos from this fantastic event in a few short weeks!