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Using Games to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

An incredible letter recently made its way to my desk.  A woman in Alaska wrote to share a remarkable story, one that reaffirms the brain building (and in some ways even life-saving!) power of play and reminds us that the games we create can do powerful things.

Her letter gave me chills!This isn’t the first we’ve [...]

Age is just a number...

Another gem from the ThinkFun mailbag!  I loved this email and photo from Brian, a homeschooling father of 3.  Brian writes:

“My wife and I have played several ThinkFun games at Mensa MindGames over the years, and we recently bought RushHour for our 3 kids.  We’re homeschoolers, and your puzzles are part of our [...]

8 Nights of ThinkFun!

I recently connected with Hilary, one of ThinkFun’s fantastic Facebook fans, who shared a fun new approach she and her family were taking for the Hanukkah holiday!  This year, she and her husband decided to keep Hanukkah simple with a focus on family togetherness, and they gave a new ThinkFun game to their sons each [...]

A Holiday Treat for Your Brain!

Guess who got a festive makeover?!  Introducing… holiday Rush Hour!

ThinkFun's Rush Hour: Holiday Edition app puts a seasonal spin on the award-winning Rush Hour game

We are so excited to share the Rush Hour: Holiday Edition app, available for a limited time for both Apple and Android devices!

Rush Hour: Holiday Edition gives ThinkFun’s classic brain [...]

Can Games Make Kids Eat Their Broccoli?!

Sometimes it’s hard to give a quick, concise answer when I try and explain why I do what I do… which is why I’m grateful to little Joey R. at Pelican Elementary, whose letter I opened today.

What do our games actually DO?! I  couldn’t have said it better myself!


Our company is [...]

Games Ignite Minds in the Classroom

Another great note from the ThinkFun mailbag – this one from a school that received a donation from our company and is using games to inspire and motivate!

Dear ThinkFun,

Thank you for donating your educational games to our classrooms!

Our students love your hands on and interactive games… Our teachers do, too!  Since receiving the [...]

A Homeschooling Mama on a Mission!

I am thrilled to feature the following guest post written by Amy, a missionary and homeschooling mom of 3 who uses games to enhance her curriculum.  Amy is the fantastic mom behind the Missional Mama blog which I encourage you to check out – and you can follow her tweets here!

Here Amy shares the [...]

Obama's Elementary School in Indonesia Uses ThinkFun to Develop Creativity

This recent report from Fransiskus Asisi Elementary School in Jakarta, Indonesia (where President Obama spent 3 years as a student!) shares the school’s Math Club initiative, using brain games like ThinkFun’s Rush Hour to encourage creative thinking and problem solving among students!

Math Club (Creative Laboratory)
Fransiskus Asisi Elementary School, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fransiskus Asisi Menteng Dalam Elementary [...]

A Peek Inside the ThinkFun Mailbag...

This letter I received yesterday made me smile!  A young Rush Hour fan lucked out when an enterprising brother decided to sell his copy of the game, and I love that he took the time to share his story!

Nina's Rush Hour Victory!

This video made my day!  A father teaching in Japan recently shared this fantastic video of his 5 year old daughter Nina working diligently through tough Rush Hour challenges.  Her flushed cheeks and “tired brain” at the end are signs of a real mind workout!

I sent Nina’s dad a message congratulating Nina on her impressive [...]