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Puzzle Piazza Summer Camp... a game lover's dream!

Last summer I spent a fabulous day at camp – Puzzle Piazza camp that is!  The MathTree Puzzle Piazza program is a super fun DC-area summer camp that uses ThinkFun puzzles and games like Rush Hour to teach problem solving strategies through play… a game lovers dream!  In the following guest post, MathTree [...]

The Today Show Celebrates Smart Toys for Smarter Girls and Boys!

What a thrill to wake up this morning and see Stephanie Oppenheim on the Today Show in a segment featuring games that support learning through play! Even better? She shared two ThinkFun games that are very close to my heart – Zingo 1-2-3 and Rush Hour – both the physical game and the app!

Is Your Child an iPad Addict?!

Yesterday, New York Times technology columnist David Pogue shared this very funny, and very insightful post on the captivating hold his iPad has over his 6 year old son:

A Parent’s Struggle With a Child’s iPad Addiction

I think my 6-year-old is addicted to the iPad.

He asks for it constantly. He wants to use it in the [...]

Playing Games with Problem Solving!

The following post is by Dawn Morris, whose blog Moms Inspire Learning focuses on resources and strategies to inspire lifelong learning, reading, and leading.  A former CPA, Dawn changed careers and earned an M.A. in Childhood Education and now shares her passion for teaching kids to embrace a lifelong love of learning!

The following is an [...]

Thinkfun Mailbag - A novel idea from 4-year old Rush Hour fan

Not only does ThinkFun have the best fans… we also get the best mail!

This letter came to us from 4 year old Sadie in California.  Sadie loves playing Rush Hour and would very much like to play at preschool while her friends are napping, the only problem is that the game is a bit too [...]

Meet Max

One of the perks of working at ThinkFun is hearing about how our games affect the lives of the children that play them. Just had to share Max’s story, emailed to ThinkFun CEO Andrea Barthello by his mother Aileen… stories like this are what keep us going!

Meet Max, a ThinkFun fan through and through!

Thank [...]

An App a Day Lets a Child’s Brain Play!

This summer has seen the birth of the iPad, and an explosion of fantastic new apps for iPhone and Android platforms.  While these apps helps grownups pass time waiting in line or keep us entertained on our subway commute, many parents and teachers are finding innovative ways to use mobile apps as learning tools!

The Love2learn2day [...]

Rush Hour Featured at Russian Car Show!

We just received some fantastic photos from “Autoexotica,” Russia’s largest annual car  and bike show which features over 8000 vehicles!  In it’s 14th year, this year’s expo was held from July 9-11th on the Tushino airfield in Moscow.

Representatives from ThinkFun’s Russian partner Mart Ltd. attended the event with car magazine “Ignitione” and offered prizes for [...]

ThinkFun-Inspired Jewelery!

*Bling Bling!*

ThinkFun-Themed Necklace!

Alicia, one of our fabulous Designers, models the incredible ThinkFun-inspired necklace she crafted with a handful of game pieces, a drill, and a whole bunch of creativity!

Challenge: Can you name all the games represented in beads?!

Next up… diamond-encrusted Rush Hour cars!?

How do you say Rush Hour in Italian?

“Ora di Punta!“

I just returned from Italy (a hardship, I know!), where I spent 10 wonderful days with my husband and his amazing family.  While I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow traveler, since starting my job here at ThinkFun I do have one mildly irritating travel habit… I absolutely can not walk by a toy or puzzle [...]