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Calling all Savvy Aunties…

As a proud auntie myself, I was honored to share this recent “Aunt Camp” article on playful summer learning with the Savvy Auntie community!

If you’re new to Savvy Auntie, this site is the first and only community for Aunts – a group that includes Aunties by Relation (ABR), Aunties by Choice (ABC), Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and all women who love kids!  This site is designed to empower Aunts to exchange ideas, get advice, find gifts and connect with other Savvy Aunties!

Growing up, summers always included a fun-filled week with my own amazing aunt, and I hope this piece encourages other fun-loving aunties to engage their families in some brain-building summer fun!  Enjoy!

My sweet nephew Hunter, enrolling in Aunt Camp Summer 2014!

Also, mark your calendars for July 22nd for the 4th annual celebration of Auntie’s Day!


Stop Summer Brain Drain!

School is out, and summer fun is on everyone’s brain!

While a vacation from projects and homework is welcome break, the lazy days of summer can do a lot of damage.  Did you know kids lose an average of 2 months of math skills over the summer!?  Low income students are at far greater risk, falling behind an average 2-3 months in reading skills.

But never fear – ThinkFun is here!

No child looks forward to a summer filled with workbooks and flashcards, so what better way to keep brains engaged than through play!?

Mind challenging puzzles are the perfect way to fight Summer Brain Drain, and through July 31st ThinkFun is offering 25% on all Brainteasers!

These Brainteasers are designed for travel and will keep parents and kids sharp through summer and beyond.  My favorite thing about these puzzles is that they are far from child’s play – Brainteasers are perfect for all ages!  Want proof?  Here I am high-fiving my 87 year old Grandma after we solved Izzi – one of my favorite Brainteasers!

ThinkFun Izzi Puzzle Brainteaser Game


Stop Summer Slide!

A steady 10 week summer diet of tv and cannonballs in the pool can do a lot more damage than we realize. Referred to as Summer Slide or Brain Drain, learning loss is inevitable when kids go long stretches without engaging in learning experiences. Most students lose an average of 2 months of math skills, and low income students are at far greater risk, falling behind an average 2-3 months in reading skills.

The good kind of "summer slide!"

“So what can we do?!” concerned parents ask at end-of-year conferences. While hiring tutors or enrolling in summer school programs are great choices for some, for many families any teaching that happens over the summer months falls to the parents, and putting on that Teacher Hat can be a daunting prospect!

As teachers, it’s easy enough to provide parents with worksheets, reading logs, and math drills, but this can easily backfire and set families up for a summer of battles. Parents often feel they need to structure learning as “sit down and finish 3 workbook pages,” prying kids from a fun activity and making learning time the equivalent of force-feeding brussel sprouts.

Leaping... Learning... how about a bit of both?!

The key to helping parents support their child’s continued growth over the summer is giving them the tools to make it fun and seamless, and there are great ideas out there! Need inspiration? Check out this family’s Garage Olympics – learning is EVERYWHERE here, but when bubbles and sprinklers are involved it hardly feels like a math class!

With some creativity, the possibilities for fun summer learning are endless, yet the transition from flashcards to hopscotch multiplication is often a stretch.

Teachers and Parents… Please share your ideas!

What can parents do to help their young learners stay on track over the summer… without sacrificing summer fun?  Sharing your tips by commenting below!