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Language Games Build Speech Skills and Family Bonds!

The following post is by Laura Dodson, a mom to five wonderful boys.  Last year, Laura, her husband, and their 2 sons adopted three boys from Uganda, and she shares their remarkable journey in her blog! Here Laura describes how language games have been tremendous tools in helping her boys in speech therapy!


A Little Zingo Teaches a BIG Life Lesson!

I absolutely LOVE this excerpt from Heather’s “Pumpkins, Cupcakes-, and a Little Zingo!” post on her blog Kaleidoscope.  Heidi’s incredible photography captures her family’s play experience beautifully, and shows her son learning an important life lesson through play!

Once upon a time, a loving yet, apparently competitive family decided to play a game of Zingo!

they laughed, [...]

Meet Max

One of the perks of working at ThinkFun is hearing about how our games affect the lives of the children that play them. Just had to share Max’s story, emailed to ThinkFun CEO Andrea Barthello by his mother Aileen… stories like this are what keep us going!

Meet Max, a ThinkFun fan through and through!

Thank [...]

All learners can shine through play

I am thrilled to share the following guest post by Pia Prenevost!  In her blog The Crack and the Light, Pia shares her journey raising her son Jonathan who struggles with a severe speech/language disorder.

Teaching J-man To Play

Adorable. That defines my son J-man, with big blue eyes and those lashes that cosmetic companies would [...]

How do you say Rush Hour in Italian?

“Ora di Punta!“

I just returned from Italy (a hardship, I know!), where I spent 10 wonderful days with my husband and his amazing family.  While I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow traveler, since starting my job here at ThinkFun I do have one mildly irritating travel habit… I absolutely can not walk by a toy or puzzle [...]

Teachers Love a Smart Mouth!

The following guest post is by Melody Velasco, an inspired educator and grad student who shares her use of ThinkFun’s Smart Mouth game as an enrichment tool in her after school program!

I worked as an after school program coordinator at a middle school in California. Our average daily attendance was 98, so with five [...]

Zingo! To Go is still on the move…

Last time we saw the Zingo to Go Zoomer it was touring the mall in Washington, D.C.!  This Memorial Day weekend, the Zoomer is on the road again… this time pausing to take in the sights in Pittsburgh!

Soaking up some history…

Check out Zingo to Go on Facebook to see the full gallery of all [...]

Secret ingredient to entertaining a 3, 5, & 8 year old... just add ZINGO!

Love this Zingo! home video from one of our favorite bloggers, Carrie Anne, at Everything Mom!

A warning: when you start playing Zingo be prepared to keep playing. After each game my kids wanted to play “Just one more game, please.”

This video was posted as part of a Zingo! contest hosted by Everything Mom [...]

Learning to Lose

No one likes to lose, but even fewer people like a sore loser!  While we all want our children to experience success, it is equally important to prepare them to handle defeat… and game play provides a safe and natural arena in which to practice this important life skill!

In a friendly game of Zingo!, for [...]

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!

One thing we love, love, LOVE here at ThinkFun is hearing real, constructive feedback from players – kids, parents, grandparents, teachers… all thoughts are welcome!  And the thing I love love LOVE about the work I do with our Product Development team is the opportunity to take that feedback and use it to genuinely improve [...]