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Zingo! To Go and the Great Italian Adventure!

Look who snuck into my luggage and hitched a ride to Italy!

The Zingo! Zoomer (and I!) had a blast on our trip around Italy, hope you enjoy

these fun photos:

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What is YOUR favorite travel game?

Zingo! To Go is still on the move…

Last time we saw the Zingo to Go Zoomer it was touring the mall in Washington, D.C.!  This Memorial Day weekend, the Zoomer is on the road again… this time pausing to take in the sights in Pittsburgh!

Soaking up some history…

Check out Zingo to Go on Facebook to see the full gallery of all [...]

The Next Billy Mays...

ThinkFun co-founders Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello may be moving into the infomercial-making industry!  Check out this silly ad they created over the weekend!

*Note:  This “infomercial” was created entirely in fun, certainly not the type of hard-sell marketing approach we take with our products!  Sorry, but you won’t see Bill on QVC any time soon [...]

Zingo to Go Takes DC!

Enjoying the view from the Cherry Blossom trees!

What a gorgeous weekend we’ve had in Washington, DC!  Couldn’t resist taking Zingo! To Go on a mini road trip (inspired by the adventure series the game’s designer started last week!) to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival!

Parked in Obama's driveway…

* But one word of [...]

Zingo To Go Takes a Road Trip!

Travel plans in your future?  Check out the just-released Zingo to Go, based on ThinkFun’s beloved Zingo! game!

Having visions of 72 plastic tiles strewn all over your backseat?  Not to worry!  The Zingo Zinger has been re-imagined into an enclosed Zingo Zoomer Car.  The Zoomer holds image dice that, once shaken up, fall into place [...]