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Smart Play Bundle


Smart Play Bundle
Logic games to make you smarter
This selection of games is hand-picked by our very own education specialist and Smart Play blogger, Charlotte Fixler. Charlotte is a former teacher who believes that, first and foremost, learning should be FUN! This collection of our six top logic games is just that, and it’s good for you too! The clever challenges are designed to get trickier as you play, making them all the more satisfying to solve. Played together, these games work like a gym to exercise your reasoning and problem solving muscles. Pure fun that your brain will thank you for!
8 and up
Single player
  • Rush Hour: Fluid reasoning, sequential reasoning.
  • Laser Maze: Optics, reflection, spatial reasoning.
  • Chocolate Fix: Logical deduction.
  • Solitaire Chess: Chess strategy, forward planning.
  • Swish: Spatial reasoning, pattern recognition.
  • Math Dice: Math skills
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