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ThinkFun, Inc. puts a new "SPIN" on the classic memory game

Alexandria, VA, July 8, 2009 – ThinkFun Inc., the leading creator of mind-challenging games, today announces the launch of its newest game - S'Match!, a new take on the classic memory game. S'Match! challenges players 4 and up to find matching pairs by color, number or category. Only with S'Match, the S'Match Spinner decides which way to match. On one turn, a player may have to match by color. On another turn, it might be by category, such as farm animals. Every player gets a spin, and you never know how you are going to have to match next. Pictures, words and numbers allow pre-readers and early readers to play together and enjoy hours of memory-building fun.


Alexandria, VA, February 1, 2009 – ThinkFun, Inc. introduces exciting new games in its "Multi-Player" and "Brainteaser" categories. As you will see, the new titles align perfectly with ThinkFun's mission to challenge people of all ages to become better thinkers. From a matching game with a twist to a puzzle that has stumped the world's top puzzlers! ThinkFun has something for everyone!

Multi-Player Category


ThinkFun® Announces 36 Cube Contest to Challenge Puzzlers and Benefit Schools Nationwide

Alexandria, VA, December 2, 2008  – Need a fun challenge to beat the winter doldrums? ThinkFun, Inc., a leader in educational games, today announced a way to entertain and challenge minds while giving back to schools with the 36 CUBE Contest. The first 36 puzzlers who can demonstrate they solved the 36 CUBE puzzle correctly will win a ThinkFun Game Club Kit for the school of their choice – and have the glory of solving what is quite possibly the world’s most challenging puzzle.


Alexandria, VA, November 19, 2008 – It's the puzzle version of a wolf in sheep’s clothing – or moreover, an innocent-looking puzzle with a challenging solvability factor. Simply snap 36 boldly-colored plastic tower pieces, six each of six colors, into a square base with 36 welcoming receptacles. Make sure the finished puzzle forms a perfect cube, each color appearing only once in each row and column, all the same height. You’ve just solved 36 CUBE, the latest mind bender from ThinkFun, Inc.


Alexandria, VA, November 24, 2008 – ThinkFun Inc., a leading provider of mind challenging games, has two new games on shelf expressly designed for the developmental needs of children ages five and older. Clever Castle and Hoppers Jr. are as big on learning as they are on fun, reflecting ThinkFun’s extensive consulting with teachers and moms alike. 


Alexandria, VA, October 20, 2008 – When ThinkFun, the leading creator of Mind Challenging Games, recently appointed John Esteban Chief Operating Officer, one of his first priorities was to align the company with its Core Values of innovation, passion, and fun.  Remaining true to its mission, empowering the world to become better thinkers, the ThinkFun alignment has begun in the sales and finance departments.

ThinkFun® Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

Alexandria, VA, April 30, 2008 – ThinkFun, Inc. the leading creator of Mind Challenging Games, is pleased to announce that John Esteban has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for ThinkFun’s overall business administration, day-to-day operations and will work with the executive team to drive the company’s new strategic plan.

ThinkFun Welcomes New Marketing and Sales Executive

Alexandria, VA, March 4, 2008 – ThinkFun Inc., the leading manufacturer of mind-challenging games, welcomes Liz Deakin as she joins the team as Director, Marketing and Sales. Ms. Deakin is a dynamic marketing professional with 12 award-winning years in defining and building brands. She will oversee all domestic sales and marketing functions for ThinkFun and will focus on efforts aimed at continuing to enhance ThinkFun brand awareness at the consumer level as well as increase the company’s presence in the Web and education channels.

New ThinkFun® Products for Spring of 2008

Alexandria, VA, February, 2008 – ThinkFun Inc., a leading creator of mind-challenging games, launches five exciting new products. Top This! ™, Chocolate Fix™, Serpentiles™, Ducks in a Row™ and Rush Hour® Ultimate Collector’s Edition add to ThinkFun’s product line of award winning games. These five new products further establish ThinkFun’s ability to entertain and educate both young and old.

“ThinkFun games make learning fun and are great for everyone,” said Bill Ritchie, CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkFun. “Our new games are about fun and healthy brain play for all ages. Kids learn problem solving through play and adults keep mentally fit as they work through multiple challenges.”

New product highlights:

Top This! ™

ThinkFun® Kicks Off 2007 with Robust Product Launch

Alexandria, VA, February 8, 2007 - ThinkFun®, Inc., a leading creator of mind-challenging games, is proud to introduce Hot Spot™, Pete's Pike™, Cover your Tracks™ and Treasure Quest™ to its award winning product line of pioneering mind-challenging games. These four new products each contain a unique theme that engages and entertains while helping children build essential thinking skills.

"ThinkFun games make learning fun. Our games engage kids and educate kids in a nurturing, family-focused environment" said Bill Ritchie, CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkFun. "The four new games we are introducing in the Spring of this year all have multiple challenge levels that will draw players into the game to stimulate energy, emotion and education."

New product highlights:

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