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Learning Through Play Teachers

ThinkFun Games Ignite Minds in a 7th Grade Math Class!

Lori Mullarkey, 7th Grade Math Teacher
Nebraska City Middle School, Nebraska City, Nebraska, USA


Sharpen Students' Thinking Skills with Brainteaser Puzzles!

Mat Reive, High School Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher
Ontario, Canada


In my high school math classes, it is common that I start the class off with a brain teaser. This is usually a brain teaser puzzle from either ThinkFun's Visual Brain Storm set, an Ivan Moscovich or Martin Gardner book, or a brain teaser that I have gotten from the internet. The whole class participates and gets engaged in trying to solve these puzzles. If I ever forget the puzzle at the start of the class, they always remind me.

Problem Solvers Unite to Tackle the 36 Cube Challenge!

Eli Jannes, 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Key West, Florida, USA


Right before the winter 2008 holidays, I stumbled upon an advertisement for Think Fun's new 36 Cube. This puzzle seemed like the ultimate challenge...complex, three-dimensional, intimidating. I had to order it.


Playing MathDice Makes Math Learning Fun!

By Christan Martin, Gifted Teacher
Colonial Heights Middle School, Colonial Heights, Virginia, USA


Enter Room 121. Students are seated at desks facing the chalkboard. The teacher stands at the front of the room working math problems. You hear only the teacher's voice, and you notice glassy eyes and expressionless faces on the students. That was before MathDice...


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