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Rush Hour Teacher's Resources

Instructions: See how to play on our website or download instructions.

Mutli-player Rush Hour games: Find new ways to use your Rush Hour games!

Competitive Games

  • Scramble: Players create a challenge, swap with an opponent, and race to be the first to solve! (2-4 players)
  • Grid Lock: Players create a challenge, taking turns to add a single vehicle to the board. As the challenge grows more complex, the first to correctly declare it "unsolvable" wins! (2-4 players)
  • Impossible: (Advanced game to follow Grid Lock) Players create 2 challenges, one solvable the other impossible. Players swap with an opponent and race to be first to solve one challenge and prove the other impossible. (2-4 players)

Cooperative Games

  • Circle Solve: All players set up the same challenge, make a single move, and pass their game board to the player on their right. Play continues until all boards are solved! (2+ players)

Additional Resources:

  • Printable Rush Hour game: Print the game board and vehicles to create additional paper copies of the game, or copy onto an overhead transparency to use as a demonstration. (download game board and cars)
  • Printable Rush Hour Jr. game: For use with overhead projector, or cut and print board and cars to use in classroom (download Rush Hour Jr. game board and cars)
  • Tracking Chart: Students fill in and track their progress as they play through the 40 Rush Hour challenges (This chart can be used with multiple ThinkFun games!)

Storage Ideas! Find helpful classroom game storage ideas from other creative teachers!


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