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Game Night

Game Night - Ducks in a Row

Host a ThinkFun Game Night!


Expand your ThinkFundraiser with a ThinkFun Game Night! Families have a blast playing mind-challenging games while your group takes orders and earns 40% of the profits!


Game Night is about hands-on family fun! Use games from your collection, print free ThinkFun games, and purchase a ThinkFundraiser Kit ($65) containing the 10 games famlies can order. We offer printable how-to-play tent cards to display with these games.

Thinkfundraiser Kit

How to Run a Game Night


  1. Pick a date, time, and location
  2. Get Games
  3. Contact ThinkFun
  4. Recruit volunteers
  5. Advertise 
  6. Host Game Night!
  7. Collect orders and payments. Submit a single Master Order and payment to ThinkFun. 


Download a planning checklist to help you stay organized!

Program Details 

Contact ThinkFun

Contact Customer Service at or (703) 549-4999. Include the name of your organization and use FUNDRAISER as the subject. We’ll send you the Master Order Form and help you order Kit(s)!

Get Games!  

 Have at least 1 game per family. Use your games and our free printables. We recommend buying at least 1 ThinkFundraiser Kit ($65) so families can play the 10 games available for order.

Recruit Volunteers

Line up volunteers to help with set-up and take-down, explain games, and take game orders. The number of volunteers depends on your estimated turnout, but we suggest at least 4-6.

  • 1-2 volunteers should be tasked to take orders
  • 2-4 volunteers should circulate to explain game rules, answer questions, etc.
  • 1 volunteer to manage the Giving Tree if you choose to incorporate this program

Provide Game Instructions to volunteers prior to the event so they can familiarize themselves with rules.


Taking Orders and Collecting Payments

Families pay retail prices for ThinkFun games, and all payments are made out to your school or organization. Note: there is a $0.95 shipping charge for each game.

Take orders at a single station or equip roaming volunteers with order forms.

  • Individual order forms are filled in by volunteers or placed at tables for families to complete and bring to a cashier.
  • A sales overview sheet helps organizers compile orders and distribute games after the event.


Once the event ends, compile orders onto the Master Order Form (provided by ThinkFun). This form calculates a 40% discount. Submit your Master Order Form and payment to ThinkFun.  Once games arrive, use your records to distribute games!


* Note: Once your Master Order is submitted, please allow up to 10 business days for your games to arrive.


How-to-Play Tent Cards 
Print and fold these how-to-play cards and display with the games in the ThinkFundraiser Kit.


Advertising Tools

Display Game Night Posters in classrooms and hallways to drum up excitement! Download and customize posters with event details.


* Send home Game Night Flyers in backpacks and distribute to families

* Broadcast Game Night during morning announcements using our PA announcement scripts!

* Use Email Templates to invite families to attend




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