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ThinkFundraisers: Giving Tree

Giving Tree Mom and Daughter
Customized Giving Tree

What is the ThinkFun Giving Tree?

The Giving Tree is a unique way to raise funds to purchase games for your school! Monitor progress as you "climb" the ladder and get closer to your goal!


Simple Steps:

  1. Set up your Giving Tree. Display in a prominent spot in your school. 
  2. Sell apples to raise funds 
  3. Celebrate your Harvest! Use proceeds to purchase ThinkFun games at 20% off!


Program Details

Set up your Giving Tree

Download and print the ThinkFun Giving Tree poster, or create your own.

The Ladder 

  1. Write your fundraising goal at the top of the ladder. This could be a dollar amount or the number of games you hope to purchase. Display images of the ThinkFun games you will purchase.
  2. Mark ladder rungs with appropriate benchmarks.
  3. Create a marker (adhesive arrow, apple-picking basket, you choose!) and move it up the ladder to track progress.Giving Tree Poster 


The Apples  

Giving Tree apples recognize individuals, families, and businesses. Click below to download color or black & white apples: 

Tip: Print black & white apples on colored paper — looks great and saves ink!  Or engage students in fundraiser prep by having them create their own!  


Sell Apples

There are many creative ways to sell your apples: 

* Offer apples at various price points ($1 apples, $5 apples, etc)

* Sell apples by the bushel ($1 each or 10 for $8)
* Let donors decide how much to pay per apple 
* Sell Game Apples. Ask teachers to submit a "wish list" of ThinkFun games for their classroom. Fill each apple with teacher name, a game s/he has requested, and the price.

* Donors "pick" apples and donate amount shown to provide a new game for a classroom!


Apples can be sold anywhere!  Here are some ideas:

  1. Student sell apples to friends and family  
  2. Apples are available for purchase at the school's front desk
  3. Set up an Apple Stand and sell at Back-to-School night, community dinners, or intermission at a school play!  
  4. Approach local shop owners, realtors, and supermarkets. Businesses like to give to schools in their community, and displaying donor business cards on apples is free publicity, a win-win!
  5. Hold an Apple Raffle (Say that 10 times fast!). Sell numbered apples for whatever amount you choose. Draw winning numbers and give games as prizes!
  6. Incorporate ThinkFun Giving Tree into your Game Night to boost fundraising potential   


Keep in mind…  

* A record sheet helps keep track of sales. Use our template or create your own. 

* Donations are tax-deductible! Create a generic receipt/letter with school tax ID, donation description, and a place to record donation amount. Instruct students and parents on collecting donations and proper use of the record sheet and tax receipts.  

Celebrate your Harvest!selling apples

  1. Once your fundraiser ends, harvest apples and calculate your school's earnings. 
  2. Decide which ThinkFun games you will purchase with your 20% discount.
  3. Order online using code TEACHERS or order directly through ThinkFun Customer Service (email or call (703) 549-499)
  4. Celebrate your success in newsletters, PA announcements, and school-wide emails.
  5. Encourage students to write thank you notes to donors.
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