The year is 1913 and you are the lucky winner of a free stay at Foxcrest Retreat. At the retreat, the famed Dr. Gravely has improved upon the latest in spa treatments and relaxation reserved for those of high social standing. At the retreat, guests receive the best of new health care technologies in spa-like scenery that is well known for improving one’s vitality. You entered a contest and were elated when you received a letter of invitation from the director, Dr. Gravely himself, announcing your victory.

During the long all-expense-paid train ride to the retreat, you meet others within your party who will also receive the same complimentary spa package. You discover that each of you has no immediate family. Attending Foxcrest Retreat as a guest of Dr. Gravely is a lucky break for all of you. But beware, you and your new friends may find the retreat is not quite what it seems…

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