Maker Studio

Maker Studio in Detail

Maker Studio is a collection of three open-ended construction sets: Gears, Winches and Propellers. Each set contains all the engineering parts – the gears, wheels, axles, frames – to let your creative kids make lots of machines that do different engineering tasks.

Each Maker Studio instruction manual includes detailed assembly diagrams for four different machine builds. Each of the three sets focuses on a different engineering principle, machines are very different between the sets.

You also get 10 open-ended engineering challenges, like the one shown here. The purpose of these is to stimulate open-minded creativity wrapped around a specific assignment. Plus, it’s fun for Makers of all ages!

It really gets good when you mix your best engineering build and a good dose of your most inspired DIY design. Come see what other Makers have already created. You won’t believe some of these!

About Maker Studio

Maker Studio is a new kind of construction toy—free-form and open-minded to help stimulate your little Maker’s creativity. We supply all the engineering parts—gears, wheels and frames. It’s up to your creative kid to supply the imagination.



Propellers Set
Winches Set
Gears Set