Maker Studio

The Maker Studio Story

Created by two passionate dads, and engineers, Maker Studio gives creative kids the tools to inspire innovation. Each of the three sets includes the necessary parts to transform ordinary, household objects into working, kinetic machines. Through building and problem solving, creative kids gain confidence and develop essential STEM skills. Ages 7 to adult.

Get Building

We give your little maker 4 builds, 10 Engineering Challenges and the parts you need to MAKE. If you’re just getting started, step-by-step building instructions will help you and your creative kid along the way. Just find the recyclable objects you need and bring the imagination to make something totally unique.LEARN MORE

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Be Creative

The key to Maker Studio is to try different things. Designed as an open-ended construction set, the building possibilities are endless. All of the parts can be used again and again to create new machines. Explore your recycling bin and craft drawers and let your little maker have fun assembling things in various ways to see what your creative kid can come up with.

Take a Maker Challenge

“Use your machine to lift a soup can.” As your creative kid experiments and problem solves, your little maker will develop the spatial skills, executive function and sequential reasoning needed to be a 21st century STEM thinker.

Join Our Community

Visit our See What Others are Making page for ideas on how you and your child can use the Maker Studio construction set. If you like what you see, apply to become a ThinkFun Maker Family and join our growing community of parents and creative kids as we take on all sorts of engineering and design challenges with Maker Studio.

Meet Bella


This young maker shows how kids can MAKE just about anything! Bella has her own page on our website, her Made by Bella videos each showcase a creative Design or Engineering Build using a Maker Studio Set. Here’s her famous 30 second Tooth-pull Teaser video…

About Maker Studio

Maker Studio is a new kind of construction toy—free-form and open-minded to help stimulate your little Maker’s creativity. We supply all the engineering parts—gears, wheels and frames. It’s up to your creative kid to supply the imagination.



Propellers Set
Winches Set
Gears Set