// Robot Turtles - Turtle Mover

Our #1 Tip:

Funny Noises!

Robot Turtles doesn’t play like most games, we know this. Everyone gets to be a winner, there’s no urgency to complete your moves and mistakes can easily be fixed or “debugged”. This is all by design so that kids can explore new ideas, use their imaginations and learn without feeling pressure. One thing is very important though, and that’s your encouragement. You don’t have to know anything about coding, but as a Turtle Master you must be ready to obey the child’s commands. And your turtle noises better be good—good turtle noises equals laughter and laughter equals lifelong memories.

Kids only need to know the basics to start playing. For the Turtle Mover, however, there’s a little more to it. Here are the answers to some of the questions your Turtle Masters might ask and some tips so that they get the most out of Robot Turtles.

How does a Robot Turtle capture a Jewel?

A Turtle captures a Jewel by landing right on top of the Jewel, so that the Turtle tile covers the Jewel tile. Once the Turtle captures the Jewel, remove it from the game board.

Does it matter which Jewel you get?

If you’re just starting out and playing by the basic rules, you should get the Jewel that matches the color of your Turtle. However, in some games, a single player might be on a mission to get multiple Jewels. Be creative as you play, just make sure that you clearly set the rules at the beginning of each game.

Can everybody win?

Yes, every Turtle Master can win by getting a Jewel.

What happens to the player who finishes first?

You remove their Jewel and Turtle from the board and they get to cheer on everyone else. For more advanced players, allow them to stay on the board and continue melting Ice Walls to help their fellow Turtles.

Can Turtle Masters move their own Turtles?

No. There are many reasons, but the main one is that it’s much more fun for kids to get to boss grownups around! Plus, think of the Turtle Movers as the computer. The Turtle Masters write the program and the computer carries it out!

How seriously should I take my role as Turtle Mover?

Very seriously. We are asking you to do something out of the ordinary, to be playful while your Turtle Master “bosses you around.” What is really happening through this process is that you are opening a comfortable and trusted space for the child to explore, learn about consequences, and exhibit perseverance.

Can someone be both a Turtle Mover and a Turtle Master in the same game?

No; everyone else will feel like it’s unfair. However, in a pinch, if everyone agrees to follow all the rules, players can be Turtle Movers for each other.

Can a kid be the Turtle Mover?

Yes! Kids can be Turtle Movers once they’re very good at the game. This is a great way for older kids to play with younger siblings.