// Robot Turtles - Who it's for

Anyone looking to get little ones into the basics of programming while spending quality time with them.

Preschoolers & Kindergartners

Designed with simple symbols, color cues, a Bug tile for correcting mistakes and rules that make everyone a winner, it’s the perfect game for little ones! The best part? Kids get to be boss of the grownups!

Older Kids

Kids ages 6-10 will quickly finish the first levels and be writing functions, debugging, optimizing, and creating their own levels.


OK grown-ups. It's your turn. Robot Turtles designer Dan Shapiro worked with Xbox executive Elan Lee to invent a
set of rules just for you. It's gleefully vicious and not particularly educational... perfect for after bedtime.

Educators &
STEAM Advocates

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of coding, Robot Turtles helps kids learn important problem solving and 21st century thinking skills. It’s even fun to play as a classroom and “program” the teacher!


Robot Turtles is the best way to help kids understand what you love to do! Inspired by the Logo programming language, it's the most delightful introduction to code that you can imagine.