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ThinkFun Introduces New Product Lines for 2006

Alexandria, VA, February 9, 2006 – ThinkFun Inc., the leading creator of Mind-Challenging Games™, along with introducing an exciting new line of ThinkFun Marvel Heroes products, will bolster it’s collection of mind-challenging games with two new Aha! Brainteaser Classics, Lift Off™ and Double Rings™, and will introduce an innovative Sudoku game called Sudoku 5x5™.

"We are excited about 2006 and the products we will deliver this year," said Ralph Cuomo, President and COO of ThinkFun. "Our new introductions support our strategy of providing innovative learning games that are always fun to play."

New product highlights include:

Sudoku 5x5™

Loosely translated to mean "all the numbers must remain unmarried", Sudoku was first published in 1979, caught on in Japan in the late 80s, and recently gained a huge international following. In our 5 x 5 version of the new cult classic play begins with several given numbers. Players must fill in the rest of the grid, but each row, column, and color-coded region must contain only one instance of each number. The objective is to fill every color-coded square in the grid with one of five numbered tokens. Unlike traditional Sudoku games, our travel-ready magnetic version uses fewer game pieces and involves a shorter play time. Each of the 20 double-sided challenge cards is held in place on the game board by magnetic tokens, and various game patterns offer greater visual interest and variety. Ages: 8 and Up MSRP: $9.99

Aha! Brainteaser Classics

Adding to our line of deceptively challenging brainteasers, Lift Off™ and Double Rings™ will challenge the mind and the heart. The objective of Lift Off is to remove the ball from it’s base without using your hands or gravity (by turning the base upside down or to the side). The objective of Double Rings is to free the two rings from each other, which in theory sounds easy, but is much more difficult than it appears. Both brainteasers are for ages 8 and up, and will have an MSRP of $4.99.
Lift Off™     Double Rings™

ThinkFun Marvel Heroes

As was previously announced, ThinkFun has been granted the rights to Marvel Heroes classic characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Captain America, as well as other well known characters, and will produce a variety of theme-based learning games that leverage ThinkFun’s mind challenging game platform.

Designed to develop and nurture essential thinking skills, ThinkFun games challenge the child’s mind to push further, probe deeper and think more creatively. The ThinkFun Marvel Heroes assortment will continue this strategy with the initial launch of 8 products scheduled for release in May 2006. The products will be based on ThinkFun’s innovative game and puzzle platforms adapted and themed to include a variety of Marvel Heroes characters. Products to be included in the initial launch are:
Spider-Man TIPOVER    Ages 8 to Adult        MSRP $16.99
City Crossing    Ages 8 to Adult    MSRP $16.99
Hopper Heroes    Ages 8 to Adult    MSRP $16.99
Zingo Heroes    Ages 6 to 8    MSRP $16.99
Marvel Heroes Slide Puzzles (4 SKUs)        Ages 5 and Up    MSRP $4.99

About ThinkFun, Inc.
ThinkFun, Inc., located in Alexandria, VA, is the leading creator of mind challenging games. Since 1985, the company has produced award winning games such as Rush Hour®, River Crossing®, and Aha! Brainteaser Classics™. Kids and adults alike look to ThinkFun to create hands-on, thought-provoking games that provide hours of fun-filled challenges. ThinkFun is committed to high-quality, innovative games that help people of all ages develop thinking skills through play. To learn more, please visit

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