Learning through play
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Teaching Through Play

As an educator, you’re working every day to teach and inspire students. So are we. ThinkFun’s addictively fun learning games are helping to ignite 21st century thinking skills in children around the world. And they can help in your classroom, too.

Math Dice Tourneys

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Our mind-challenging games help stimulate crucial brain development in logic, visual/spatial, math, language and reasoning. Learn more

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Group Games & Activities

From Math Dice Tournaments to giant ThinkFun style games, we’re dedicated to helping kids learn through play. Learn more

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“Math Dice is worthy of the GEI Seal of Endorsement. It is fun and so easy to use!”
— Ann P, Teacher, TN
“Well priced and a fun way to practice facts!”
— Bernice P, Teacher, OH
“The students are getting much better at mental math as a result of using Math Dice. They are thinking on their feet quicker and are manipulating numbers more. Plus - they are having a lot of fun doing it!”
— Jen R, Teacher, MD
“Math Dice is a wonderful product that will enhance a child’s learning. I have recommended this product to my fellow coworkers.”
— Ana L, Teacher, GA
“Math Dice Chase enhanced my learning environment. It kept my students engaged and motivated them to learn their math facts!”
— Melissa J, Teacher, TX
"I love using Think Fun games in my OT practice with middle schoolers. It’s great that I can address a variety of skills, including fine motor, visual perceptual, and executive functioning skills, in fun, motivating, and engaging ways!"
— Dora Thalwitz, Occupational Therapist
"ThinkFun is a dynamic way to spark students' curiosity and enthusiasm [that] has helped me as an occupational therapist motivate my students to work towards their goals and grow as individual thinkers."
— Allison Duggan, Occupational Therapist